South Philadelphia Newborn Photography

On Sunday I traveled into Philly to photograph a newborn little boy. His Mom and Dad were very understanding when I changed the time of the session that morning…driving up I-95 into Philadelphia at the same time as all the Phillie and Flyer fans wasn’t the most brilliant scheduling I’ve done, and my patience for traffic since moving out into cow country is even less than it was 10 years ago. Anyway- it worked out beautifully- no traffic either way, a gorgeous Sunday, and an adorable, very sweet little guy. Meet little Mr. C- at just 10 days old. Most of the time, I wait for a newborn to smile, and pray I get lucky enough to snap the picture at the right time. I might get one, maybe two smiles a session…If I’m REALLY lucky. Well, this little guy had a smile for every pose…and is just so cute! Congratulations Mom and Dad S- he’s adorable. Thanks for being so flexible- and enjoy your preview!Ist smile we got...


It was a busy winter, since it didn’t really feel like winter here in the Northeast. I have neglected my blog…but I’m trying to get back on track. Sooo- here’s a quick update. Since it was so warm, we’ve been able to get out almost every day. I finally got a smiling shot of my own kid- no forced grin or extra-loud CHEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ. This is an accomplishment for me- can you tell?

Sleepy little one in the hammock

A few weeks later, I got to photograph a friend’s new little granddaughter at just 5 days old. She was such a sweetie. We were able to get some great shots both with her little eyes open, and some sleeping like this one. As far as the newborns go- she was about as perfect as they come.

Then, finally, I got to photograph my best friend’s son, little Mr. E. We had a great time running around the gardens (he is the quickest two year-old I have ever met and if I could borrow a little of his energy I could give up my coffee habit). Don’t you love his hair and the grin? His mom is the very talented designer who has done my logo, business cards, postcards, ad…I could go on…thanks Trish- I hope you like them and there are lots more to come of your adorable little guy.

Climbing in...