R Family, Philadelphia, PA

I had a photo session last Saturday morning (before it got really frigid) with 2 very sweet cousins and their families. They had a great spot with beautiful fall leaves right by their home. B was a lot of fun and loved playing with his mom, and little Miss B didn’t give me any huge smiles, but made up for it with those brilliant blue eyes taking everything in. Enjoy your preview- more to come soon! ImageImageImage


B Family Photos, Lincoln University, PA

Check out this beautiful little baby girl, who could not have been more cooperative. Sweet little Miss F is only two weeks old, and we got some great photos of her and her proud Mom and Dad.






I arrived to find a handmade chest that the baby’s grandfather had crafted to hold cards at the couple’s wedding; Mom had the great idea to use it as a photo prop, and it certainly held a treasure on Tuesday night.Image



The baby didn’t mind at all- and we got a bunch of shots! Enjoy your preview, B family; more to come soon!













The H Family, Chester County, Pennsylvania


These two big sisters are jumping for joy at the arrival of their new baby brother…it didn’t hurt that I showed up and encouraged them to hop on the bed (just what every new mom needs- a photographer in her home riling her kids up and teaching them dangerous, inner-spring damaging habits…) I got some great shots of these adorable kids and their sweet baby brother, so I think it was worth it 😉 Enjoy your preview, H family, and congratulations on your new little boy! ImageImageImageImageImage

The W Family, Kennett Square, PA

Best. Age. Ever. For pictures, that is. It was tough to take a bad shot of this adorable little 7 month old. Little A was all smiles and wide-eyed gazes at our session this morning on location at the family’s beautiful day camp. I left my house this morning and wondered how this little guy was going to do in the sweltering July heat- he and his family were wonderful and it really wasn’t bad in the shade. Enjoy your preview, W family- more to come:)


The M Family, Coatesville, PA

I met little Miss N yesterday, who is a beautiful little peanut at just 7 days old. She was awake through most of our session, and very easily soothed by the rain sound effect on Dad’s phone (she certainly arrived at the right time with the weather this month…) We were able to get a great assortment of photographs and I had a really tough time choosing which to preview on the blog- but here goes. Enjoy your preview and your adorable little one, M family- Congratulations! 😉


The C Family, Cochranville, PA

As I drove down to this session late Sunday afternoon, the sky opened up and gave us one of those drenching storms we’ve been having the past few days. I didn’t want to cancel because this family had everyone together for the Baptisms of the two little ones, and wanted to do an extended family session. So, I waited… and finally it cleared and we were able to get some great shots of this sweet family on their beautiful Chester County farm, complete with cows and barns. Enjoy your preview C Family- more to come!


The R Family Photos, Quarryville, PA

ImageBright and early Saturday morning I met up with the R family to photograph their three young sons at their home. Little N just turned one, and was quite the ham with all his cute smiles.

His twin older brothers will be three in a couple of weeks; J, C and I had several serious discussions about tractors.ImageWith the boys in their flag shirts, and the early morning summer sun at this beautiful home, it is finally starting to feel like summertime. Enjoy your preview, R family-it was fun:)


P Family, Longwood Gardens,

I am usually excited to look at pictures when I get home from a session, but it is rare that I actually get to look and edit right away. Last night, thanks to two exhausted kids who were outside all day and in bed when it was still light out, I got to go through my whole session from yesterday and picked out some to preview. We had a beautiful (if crowded) evening at Longwood with some overly friendly geese and very vocal frogs, and got some great shots of this lovely family. Enjoy your preview, P family!Prinsloo_0028rt1WM


W Family, West Chester, PA

Last Wednesday I went out to a park in West Chester to photograph this adorable brother and sister with their father and grandparents. We had a good time wandering around the park on a beautiful afternoon- there are some shots from the volleyball court where it actually looks like the beach came to PA! The kids got to climb on all sorts of things- bridges, tree stumps- you name it- and we got some great shots. Enjoy your preview, W family- lots more to come!ImageImage



Baby R, Cochranville, PA

ImageI met this sweet little guy at just 5 days old last weekend. His mom and I were a little shocked at how wide awake and alert he was in the beginning- and I got some great eyes-wide-open shots. As you can see, he got tired, and then the fun began. I saved the ones I think mom may want to use for announcements for her to see…but these are some of my favorites. Enjoy your preview, J family- you were great!!



That one was for Dad…