P Family, Longwood Gardens,

I am usually excited to look at pictures when I get home from a session, but it is rare that I actually get to look and edit right away. Last night, thanks to two exhausted kids who were outside all day and in bed when it was still light out, I got to go through my whole session from yesterday and picked out some to preview. We had a beautiful (if crowded) evening at Longwood with some overly friendly geese and very vocal frogs, and got some great shots of this lovely family. Enjoy your preview, P family!Prinsloo_0028rt1WM



W Family, West Chester, PA

Last Wednesday I went out to a park in West Chester to photograph this adorable brother and sister with their father and grandparents. We had a good time wandering around the park on a beautiful afternoon- there are some shots from the volleyball court where it actually looks like the beach came to PA! The kids got to climb on all sorts of things- bridges, tree stumps- you name it- and we got some great shots. Enjoy your preview, W family- lots more to come!ImageImage



Baby R, Cochranville, PA

ImageI met this sweet little guy at just 5 days old last weekend. His mom and I were a little shocked at how wide awake and alert he was in the beginning- and I got some great eyes-wide-open shots. As you can see, he got tired, and then the fun began. I saved the ones I think mom may want to use for announcements for her to see…but these are some of my favorites. Enjoy your preview, J family- you were great!!



That one was for Dad…


The Catch-Up blog…four months in four minutes

Imagine my surprise when I went to post a newborn preview last night and couldn’t get into my own blog because I forgot my password…and then the greater surprise when I looked back and realized I haven’t blogged anything since OCTOBER. Wow- I’ve been slacking in the blog department and taking the easy way out with previewing. It’s like I have another job or something….So here’s a recap of some of my favorites from the past few months.

In October, my little guy turned 2. The cake didn’t have a chance.Image

Later that week, I photographed the S Family at Marsh Creek State Park. These “kids” are older and I hadn’t realized how much more cooperative adults are to photograph than little ones. These brothers were more than willing to smile and wander all over the park with their parents. We had a gorgeous fall afternoon and the beautiful colors of the season to work with. ImageImage
















The same weekend (I guess that was a really busy one…) I also photographed my niece and nephews at Longwood Gardens on another beautiful fall afternoon- I really lucked out with the weather on some of these. ImageImageImageImageImage

















The following weekend my brother got married…and I am very ashamed to say I took 4 pictures the entire time, none of which deserves being posted here. In my defense, I was wearing a long dress and chasing the flower girl and the ring bearer for the majority of the event…Halloween and a move followed…







…and then another session at Longwood with sweet little M and her parents- I had photographed her over the summer with her cousin and can’t believe how much she has grown in just that short time. She is such a little ham!ImageImageImageImage











On to my newest little niece, born just two weeks before Thanksgiving- meet little baby S… and her proud big brother R-














December began with two families at Longwood (I work with both these lovely mammas and they were accommodating enough to let me do two sessions at one time;) It worked out well and we got some great shots of L (does he look familiar?), B and F. Love the red jacket on this adorable little girl!ImageImageImageImageImage


                                                                                                                                                                   The sessions that followed involved lots of whining on my part, because I was attempting the Christmas Card photos for my own children. Note to self…it’s never easy with your own kids. My daughter sees me looking in her direction with a camera and automatically turns goofy. My furry kid cooperated at TinneyHoliday083least.   A few days later it snowed, and I finally got a shot I loved…


My final session of the year was an engagement session at Longwood, with a very sweet couple getting married this summer…and boy, were they troopers. It was COLD. Like can-barely-feel-your-fingers-except-for-searing-pain-cold. And they had to look nice. I, however, was doing my best to look like the kid in A Christmas Story with all the layers.  Here are some of my favorites from that day…

Fogel201rt1 Fogel202rt Fogel0233rtsd Fogel0258rt Fogel0240rtAnd that was it for 2012! Stay tuned for my first newborn of 2013…

Little Miss R, Wilmington, DE


Last week I had a photo session with a new little cutie- meet Baby R! No matter how many babies I photograph, I am always awed by how little they are when I first see them. This little one was about 2 weeks old and still a peanut, but we got a lot of great eyes-wide-open shots. She even smiled for me, but I’m saving that one for Mom and Dad’s gallery. Little Miss R wasn’t a huge fan of my hammock, but liked the trunk to lay on…go figure…. enjoy your preview, K and M- more to come. Hope you are enjoying your beautiful little girl:)


R Family, Chester County, PA

Almost two weeks ago (ahhhh) I photographed a family at their home. Due to returning to work full-time, my turn-around time has gotten a bit atrocious. Luckily, this family has been very patient with me. Their three beautiful girls were very enthusiastic and had a lot of fun with the pictures. They also had the best property for their pictures that I’ve gotten to use yet- with the beautiful stone walls and wooden doors, it was a photographers dream. Enjoy your preview, R Family- the rest will be posted shortly!


F Family, Downingtown PA

Last Sunday I photographed a very sweet family in Downingtown. They had four kids (who are all actually LOOKING in the family shot (this is rare but wonderful…) I am way, way behind in their preview since I just went back to teaching and this working full-time thing isn’t going well for me from a time management perspective. We had one of those beautiful, golden-sunshine-filled Fall afternoons for our session, the kids were great, and I got a lot of swingset action shots. Enjoy your preview F family- more to come soon:)ImageImageImageImageImageImage