The H Family, Chester County, Pennsylvania


These two big sisters are jumping for joy at the arrival of their new baby brother…it didn’t hurt that I showed up and encouraged them to hop on the bed (just what every new mom needs- a photographer in her home riling her kids up and teaching them dangerous, inner-spring damaging habits…) I got some great shots of these adorable kids and their sweet baby brother, so I think it was worth it 😉 Enjoy your preview, H family, and congratulations on your new little boy! ImageImageImageImageImage

The M Family, Coatesville, PA

I met little Miss N yesterday, who is a beautiful little peanut at just 7 days old. She was awake through most of our session, and very easily soothed by the rain sound effect on Dad’s phone (she certainly arrived at the right time with the weather this month…) We were able to get a great assortment of photographs and I had a really tough time choosing which to preview on the blog- but here goes. Enjoy your preview and your adorable little one, M family- Congratulations! 😉